Guurti Speaker says Sool traditional leaders have refused to enter dialogue for restoration of peace


The Speaker of the Upper House of Parliament, the GUURTI, Hon. Suleiman Mohamoud Adan has echoed the need to address the ongoing crisis in Las Anod through dialogue.

He at the same time insisted on the imperativeness of the government of Somalia to implement the aspects of articles already agrees upon in the past Somaliland –Somalia talks if the efforts are to fruitful.

The Speaker was addressing the joint session of both Houses of Parliament, which he chaired, on Monday 8th May during the occasion of the President’s State of the Nation Address, the Annual Constitutional Address.

He also spoke about the general situation in the country and talked a lot about the war in Las Anod and how to bring peace.

Hon. Suleiman stated that the nation of Somaliland was always ready to end the crisis in Las Anod and how to have lasting peace.

He lamented that that efforts of achieving stability through dialogue has so for not materialized so far due to the non-commitment to the efforts by the Sool traditional leaders’ fraternity.

“We insist on finding an environment for dialogue in order to achieve peace”, he underpinned.

He said, “There are many conflicting issues but the most serious is the issue in the eastern parts of the country, Las Anod, which has been dragging us for some time now”.

He said that both the Houses of Parliament and the government itself had declared a ceasefire, which still holds, and have constantly called for dialogue to address the matter.

He said that efforts to kick-start the dialogues has been rife but has always been impeded by the lack of commitment or refusal by the traditional leaders of Sool region to indulge in it such that peaceful stability may be restored.

He pointed out that even the peace emissaries of traditional leaders from Somalia who took it upon themselves to be intermediaries were still at a loss and has said that they were waiting for a response from their Sool colleagues on Monday 8th May.

On the Somaliland –Somali Talks the Speaker Hon. Suleiman Mohamud Adan was categorical that Somalia ought to implement all terms previously agreed upon for the talks to be tangible and fruitful.

“I heard that the talks between Somaliland and Somalia are starting again and the president has appointed someone. As Somalilanders, we were for the talks but it stalled due to Somalia not adhering to the essence of the matter”.

He said that he understands that a special envoy has already been named and the stalled is being resuscitated.

He however underscored the need and imperativeness of Somalia to the talks and adherence to the terms brought forth that has been agreed upon.

He recalled the latest of the round of Talks which happened in Djibouti hence attended by the then President Farmajo to which he was privy to as part of Somaliland delegation led by H.E. President Musa that has since stalled because of Somalia’s non-commitment.

He advised Somalia to “implement the terms previously agreed upon then God willing, it will move on and since there is no hatred between us and we are not at war, with the two countries being a brethren. Let’s be neighbors and complement each other, let’s continue the talks, we are ready for the talks that should not undermine our integral international borders.”


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