Assailant soldier who killed colleague in Lowya’ado is sentenced to death


The lower Court of the Somaliland Military Forces in the Western Regions has sentenced to death Private Ahmed Abdi Abdillahi who killed Sr. WO Khadar Mohamed Aynanshe in Lawya’ado on Wednesday last week.

Both the assailant and the victim were members of the Somaliland Coast Guard.

The Attorney General of Somaliland National Forces Col. Ali Mohamed Farah, said that they arraigned the culprit before the court, exhibited the gun used by the accused, availed witnesses to the incident and stated that he was found guilty and sentenced to death by a firing squad.

On the other hand, the Advocate Judge of the military forces’ court, Western Command, Musa Hassan Riraash, revealed that the case was heard at the premises of the Borama Central Jail in Awdal region and the upon being arraigned in court and indicted the due to the overwhelming evidences, the accused admitted to the charge.

He confessed to having killed his superior officer.

The decision taken by the court is death by shooting in accordance with Article 134 of the General Penal Code, supplemented by the  45th verse of the Holy Qur’an.

In conclusion, he said that “whoever interested in the plight of the killing of the late Khadar Habib and the accused who committed the act, the court of first instance of the military forces sentenced the accused Ahmed Abdi Abdillahi to death”.


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