Gov’t to Investigate Abaarso Network Services


In the past week or so, there has been a public outcry in the social media as concerns the education provided by Abaarso Network.

To this effect the government of Somaliland announced today, Saturday 21st August 2021 that the Ministry of Religious Endowment in conjunction with that of Ministry of Education would immediately launch an investigation on the allegations that Islamic tenets were flouted, hence at the same time constituted a task force to delve into the matter.

On the other hand the Abaarso Network released a statement in their Facebook in defense of the bone contention concerning one Pastor Joy Isa, a top employee of the Institution noting that she never flouted any code of conduct that entails discussions of personal beliefs or religion.

We have here under published a scan copy of the Abaarso Network release.

It is worth noting that Joy Isa is herself a renowned evangelical missionary.

No photo description available.


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