French Firms keen to invest Somaliland



“Witnessed investment chances Amb Ali induced us prior visiting Somaliland, & turned True”Mr. Frederic Ronal

Hargeisa- “Somaliland has abundant investment chances, were French businessman & companies can benefit.” Said, Mr. Frederic Ronal.

Somaliland Ambassador to France Amb Ali Ismail Hassan, who was leading French business delegation, headed Mr Ronal, Vice-president  International Development & Cooperation of the chamber of commerce of Marseille, upon completion of their 4 days visit, stated Amb Ali  induced Somaliland will offer us many chances, were we truly observed learnt interview Mohamoud Walaaleye at Egal Airport, and begin:

Q; What was reason of your Somaliland visit & whom included meetings you had with Somaliland officials? Convinced

It was 1st time we came in Somaliland. The main goal of the mission was to discover and explore possibilities of Somaliland toward business with French companies. During our visit, we met all the people in the business, and all ministries in line with business, like Minister of Investment, Trade & Industry, Ministry of Fisheries, & livestock, obviously, ministry of Foreign Affairs, received us 2 days ago.

Q; How do you see your Somaliland visit, & investment opportunities available?

It was very interesting visit, because, Somaliland had a lot of possibilities to investment, as its business stories is in the beginning, you have a lot of opportunities for French companies, and of course,, for the entrepreneurs of the  territory of Aix Marseille Provence. Many sectors are identified, like fisheries, energy, tourism, which  have a lot of business to do. It was really a very interesting visit, because your country has a huge and very big potential for French companies & French industries.

Q; Dec, 2018, Somaliland become member of African and francophone chambers, how would it profit, also, was there a possibility it gains foreign investments?

Yes, one of our goal here, was to meet Somaliland Chamber of Commerce to forge strong relationship with our chamber. We also, linked very large institution, called CPCCAF, à network between all the African francophone chambers  and open link to interact.  Even if you don’t speak French language, yet, we both share a real interest for the business. It’s way, we want you to integrate that network, b/c you will gain many opportunities to work with other chamber of commerce in Africa and their companies, not only, with north, but south with south, as the goal of this network is connecting all. The chamber of commerce of Somaliland has a place in this network.

Q; Somaliland has liaison office in France, heads Amb Ali, what’s relationship you share & how do you rate his efforts influencing French businessman & companies to come & invest Somaliland?

The first contact we have with Somaliland, is Mr Ali Hassan, which is your Ambassador in France. After a brief discussion, he convinced us to come & visit Somaliland.  He explained us you will find a lot of opportunities, and it became true. We received a well oriented & warm welcome of all Somaliland ministers we met and i am very grateful for that. We have feeling  that Somaliland really want to work with France, that Somaliland is sharing a common interest with French businessman, and in short, we are really-really ready for that, in near future.



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