Ethiopian Police Seize nearly 200 Turkish-made Pistols from Somaliland



The Ethiopian Police in Togwajale, the border township with Somaliland on Friday have seized a vehicle carrying nearly 200 Turkish-made pistols.

The Suzuki brand vehicle left from Somaliland’s Togwajale, the border with Ethiopia whilst full of illegal arms and with the intention of trafficking into Ethiopia’s Somali region.

The vehicle was heading to Jigjiga, the administrative seat of Ethiopia’s Somali region when customs police agents have intercepted and discovered the cache of illegal weapons.

According to Addis Standard, one person who was on board was put behind bars.

Ministry of Revenue agents have said investigations underway as far as arms trafficking is concerned.

Ethiopia’s Somali region recently complained of Somaliland gov that illegal arms which were trying to be sneaked into Ethiopia were confiscated in the border town of Wajale particularly from Somaliland.

The Somali regional authority has sent its plea to Somaliland officials to prevent against the illegal arms trade.




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