Education minister in farewell meeting with scholarship students to Ethiopia


The Minister of Education together with Dr. Ahmed Aden Buuhane, his Deputy Minister, the Director General and departmental directors met with students who received scholarships from Ethiopia.

First was the Deputy Director of the Technical Department of the Ministry of Education and Science of Somaliland, Nasra Ahmed Adan to laud the students and told them to listen to the advice given by the heads of the ministry.

The director general of the ministry on his part emphasized the importance of the meeting where he gave the students advice on education and travel. He paid tribute to the President H.E. Musa Bihi for having made many issues possible.

On the part of the students and parents who spoke there, they thanked the government led by President and the Ministry of Education for their tireless efforts during facilitating such process, and they promised to work for their country and impart the knowledge they learn.

Finally, the Minister of Education and Science of Somaliland, Dr. Ahmed concluded the meeting, congratulated the students who passed the exams. He wished them well and urged them to be steadfast in their undertaking as they pursue their courses.

He hoped that they would in return impart the ken of knowledge and skills learnt in building the nation.


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