Dr. Gabose says that Awareness through the media is not enough to combat Covid-19



Hargeisa – Dr. Mohamed ABdi Gabose, one of the country’s prominent doctors has suggested that awareness about disease prevention of Covid-19 needs action, in a bid to avert an imminent threat.

Dr. Gabose said that the leadership of the nation needed immediately and must take special responsibility to prevent any problems encountered, such as Covid_19, not only awareness on Covid-19 , but the action including to prevent the social gatherings will limit the risk.

Doctor said “Every country has leaders who have the responsibility to overcome any problem that the nation is encountered. Strategies of dealing with the disease include mass testing be done for? Humans if examined during five people tested say one I found in my homeland or three I found being tests done, millions with (Covid-19)  are in the market doing their errands they are in the community.”

Dr. Gabose said, “One of the ways of contracting the virus is social gatherings. Therefore, the awareness must be enforced by force. The government must use the might to enforce the preventive measures against Covid-19. The public must comply with what the directives that government issued in a bid to prevent the spread of the virus. The government must be proactive and should follow up. The government must decide open restaurants and tea shops for business. It must reach a decision on mosques where people congregate and perform prayers. It must make the right follow up to see if its decisions were implemented.  The doctor has said that it is a must that we should beat Covid-19 and we must attempt that.”


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