Do not misconstrue my statements on Mogadishu bombings, says Minister Koore



By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Information, Culture and Awareness Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore, is upset that his words on the latest Mogadishu twin bombing were misconstrued and distorted to paint a totally wrong and malicious picture.

He said that he was not happy about the explosions that rocked that city last Saturday 29th November which caused many deaths and injuries.  The latest report is that the bombings have claimed over 120 lives and wounded at least 330.

He precisely noted that people opposed to him twisted it to mean that he beamed over the deaths of the bomb victims.

He decried the fact that his retort to Somalia leaders whose sentiments besmirched Somaliland’s integrity was completely twisted by some who could not discern what foreign subversion as opposed to local issues.

Saying that he was naturally hurt by the loss of masses of people and that if ‘we had ample capabilities, we would have greatly helped them’ saying that the victims ‘deserve our support and help.”

The minister maintained that he was telling the Somalia leadership to follow their cue and desist from indulging into the affairs of Somaliland.


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