Tribalism only dismantles communal harmonious setting, says Kahin



By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Internal Affairs Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed said that tribalism only destroys a society and does not help anyone at all.

He similarly said that lack of peaceful stability is equally destructive.

While advising the youth, the minister stressed that, tribalism, just like insecurity only destroys a people’s way of lives while on the other hand solidarity and peaceful stability mold a strong society.

Noting that the government is bent on always for a better future, nurturing unity and stability, Hon. Kahin urged the youth to shun tribalism.

While responding to the statements from Mogadishu leadership purporting to advise Somaliland on security, the minister said, “A person in Mogadishu can’t dictate anything to us. What I am saying to them is that the people have been suffering for 31 years and it ought to be stopped. Here we have had four presidents change batons through universal suffrage in the country’s elections. 150 governments and dozens of ambassadors have come to us. The elections that took place here is deemed the best in the whole of the Horn of Africa region”.

The minister also pointed out that the government of Somaliland paid most of the expenses for the House of Representatives and Local Council elections in the country and that it has now budgeted and fully funding those of the upcoming elections.


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