Commerce Minister assures Gov’t is working to solve Berbera Port Gripes


In Somaliland markets, where commodity prices have raised sharply after a week of non-payment of import duties at the port of Berbera, meetings have begun to find a solution.

At The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a meeting with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Mr. Jamal and members of the Businessmen discussed on how to find a solution to the challenge at the port of Berbera.

The Somaliland government, for its part, is working to find a solution to the complaints of the country’s traders about the increase in tariffs imposed on the Berbera port by DP World, which has led to a lack of imports at the port.

A meeting between the Minister of Commerce Hon. Saajin and the Minister of Finance Dr Saad Ali Shire is said to have discussed on a solution to the Berbera port issue; and efforts on reaching a lasting solution is underway, as the Deputy Minister of Commerce Hon. Muse Ibrahim Selef, who spoke to THT about the meeting.

He however stated, “No final decision has yet been made, but its discussion is ongoing”.

Meanwhile, the House of Elders called for a solution to the Berbera port dispute between DP World and local businesses, and caution against the impasse.


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