Army officers & Soldiers defected from Somaliland integrated into Puntland forces


Puntland regional state in Somalia has said that it has integrated army officers and soldiers that have defected from Somaliland defense forces. The defected army officers and soldiers were stationed in Sanaag province in Somaliland. Puntland has said that the reception given to the high ranking army officers and former soldiers took place at Balibusle in Sanaag region on Thursday. The defected former Somaliland army soldiers are led by two high ranking officers by the names of Mr. Xayle Xaji Diraac and Mr. Husein Dheere. The parliamentary speaker of Puntland leading a high powered delgation consisting of ministers, members of parliament, army chiefs are currently visiting Balibusle. The minister in charge of security, Mr. Abdisamad Mohamed Galan and the police commissioner, Muhyadin Ahmed Muse were staying in Balibusle. The regional governor appointed by Somaliland for Badhan, Hon. Ali Hussein aka “Somali” has tendered resignation and said that he joined Puntland which is defending the territory from Somaliland. It was last week when Somaliland defense forces repulsed an assault from Puntland militia who were protecting the minister of education of Puntland who embarked on inspection tour to the region. The skirmishes claimed the lives of 6 people. Somaliland government has not so far issued a statement on the defection of droves of its soldiers stationed in Sanaag province as well as high ranking army officers. This would jeopardize Somaliland which was trying to maintain law and order in Sanaag province. Puntland has given an army base to Col. Are, former member of Somaliland defense forces. Somaliland, Puntland are engaged in regional dispute pertaining to the ownership of Sool, Sanaag and Ayn regions.



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