A Seven Day Training on Financial Management Manuals



The #PFM reform Coordination Department has organized a Seven-Day Training on External Assistance Fiduciary Manual and Compressive Operating Accounting and Procedures Manual, for key staff from the Accountant General Office (AGO) Office of the Auditor General and other MDAs, on March 17 – 24, 2020.

The External Assistance Fiduciary Manual, guides Project Implementation Units (PIUs) staff on planning, budgeting, banking, funds disbursement, payments from projects funds, internal controls over funds, reporting and monitoring, procurement and auditing arrangements for the projects funded through the EAFS.

This training is aimed at setting out a standardized Financial Management system for use in government services, which is capable of producing accurate and reliable accounts free from errors and fraud.

The PFM is designed to improve the government’s capacity and systems to utilize public funds, towards meeting the National Development Plan (NDPII) goals and those of Vision 2030


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