traffic police launch operation to net public transport vehicles without speed governors


The Somaliland Traffic police Together with Ministry of Transport officials have launched operations to net public transport vehicles that failed to comply with a proposal previously issued by the Ministry of Transport and Road Development agency to equip their vehicles with speed control systems.

The traffic police officers together with the Ministry of Transport officials on Monday launched the operation in which they netted many public transport vehicles plying upcountry routes and other regions in the western and eastern police highway checkpoints for failing to obey orders to install speed governors in their vehicles.

Commander of the Somaliland traffic police Col. Mohamed Egge flanked by top traffic police officers briefed the press on the ongoing operation in which he said, “The traffic police force has begun enforcing the traffic laws which stipulates every public transport vehicle must be equipped with speed governors, next will be water boozers, dumper trucks, lorries and Khat transporters in the coming 60 days and anyone who fails to obeys shall be arrested.

“I would like to inform members of the public that we shall take appropriate action against any operator who alters the speed control equipment and endangers the safety of commuters and road users,” he said.

Ms. Ayan Abdiaziz Mohamed, the director of license and records department in the Ministry of Transport said,” It is a must for all vehicles to be equipped with speed control gadgets and those who fail to do shall be dealt with.

“Today we are implementing and ensuring that the instructions are fully automated and that the various passenger transport firms have installed their vehicles with speed governors and those without shall be arrested and fined since we gave them six months to do so. This directive is meant to increase safety and reduce accidents in our roads,” Ms. Ayan Abdiaziz Mohamed, the director of license and records department said.

Mr. Muse Yusuf, director of the transport department in the Ministry of Transport said, “As you can see, the operation Is ongoing in Hargeisa and Borame, we had previously in the past six months issued the directive to each and every public commuter companies office and traffic police have started enforcing the law.


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