Somaliland won’t halt Ethiopian airline flights as it did not abide by the SFG ban on int’l flights



Interior Minister said that the government of Somaliland decided not to halt Ethiopian airline flights to Hargeisa after it did not comply a directive from Somalia’s Federal Gov’t in which it banned all int’l flights to Somalia.

The interior minister, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed made the remarks yesterday while speaking with local reporters in Hargeisa and gave a full account the reason for not stopping the Ethiopian airlines direct flights to Somaliland whilst all other flights were banned.

Kahin told that the Ethiopian government is in agreement with Somaliland that if the situation deteriorates, the Ethiopian flights will be the only airline flights that they will be counting on.

The government of Somaliland informed Ethiopian flights to allow passengers destined for Hargeisa and from worst hit areas by the COVID-19.

Somaliland government revoked operational licenses from Fly Dubai and Air Al Arabia airlines for complying with the SFG ban of int’l flights to Somalia as SL is not part and parcel of Somalia.



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