Somaliland: The National Defence Forces Will Safeguard Our Borders




Once again, the Puntland administration has infringed on Somaliland’s borders and once again they met with defeat. The Somaliland National Defence Forces will always safeguard and secure the borders of Somaliland.

Somaliland is prepared to live with its neighbors in peace and harmony. All issues relating to the border disputes and land reform can be resolved through peaceful means, however, if Puntland continues to agitate for conflict, then the outcome will always the same, another defeat for their beleaguered militia.

It was hoped that the Puntland administration under the urbane and educated, Saeed Abdillahi “Deni” would take a more peaceful approach, but it would seem that he is being advised and egged on by hardcore elements in his cabinet. There is also the usual instigation from the weak federal entity in Mogadishu.

It is time that the opponents of Somaliland realize that we are more than capable of thwarting any incursions in to our borders, with devastating effect. However, we are always mindful of the consequences of war and its collateral damages to the innocent people living in the area. The Puntland administration must understand, if this kind of weak and cowardly attempts to attack Somaliland Forces going about their normal duties continues, it will be met with appropriate response. As we case recently in the eastern fringes of Sanaag and Sool.

A peaceful resolution to all disputes is the only way forward, and we hope the new administration in Puntland comes to its senses, and soon.


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