Somaliland: Provincial court in Hargeisa orders the blogger to be tried in Burao



By: Ms. Farrah Yusuf 

Staff Reporter 

Hargeisa–The blogger by the name of Abdimalik Muse Oldon has appeared before Marodi Jeh regional court in Hargeisa where the court was supposed to issue a pre-trail detention so that his case will be investigated. The regional court in Hargeisa has rejected to preside over his trail arguing that he will be trained in his hometown. The court chairman has argued that he has not also issued an arrest warrant for him. The court has repudiated with the strongest possible terms that it has ordered for the apprehension of the blogger. The lawyer representing the embattled blogger, Mubarak Ahmed Ismail has stated that the police brought the blogger before the court so that it will issue a remand. The court chairman has refused to grant remand letter to police on two grounds.

  1. The detention of the blogger was not lawful, and that he has not issued the arrest warrant for him.
  2. The court in Marodi Jeh has the power to take in charge of the trail of people arrested with in his region.
  3. Above all, the blogger should be tried in Burao, which is his hometown.
  4.  The supreme court has not issued an order transferring his trail to Hargeisa
  5. The blogger has confirmed that he has sustained injuries during his attempt to escape from police during his arrest and needs medical attention.
  6. The biggest worry facing the lawyer is that the police will not abide by the court order and send an appeal to the supreme court demanding that he should be tried in Hargeisa.


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