Poet held over poem calling for government reform-Somaliland




Abdirahman Ibrahim Adan, a poet in Somaliland, has been in detention since 12 January. He was arrested after he had recited a poem the previous day in which he called on the Somaliland government to reform its prisons and criminal justice system. The Somaliland government has increased its efforts to clampdown on dissent since the current government administration took office. The government continues to target poets, journalists, as well as anyone perceived as being opposed to it, or any person from Somaliland who could be perceived as publicly being open to unifying with the rest of Somalia.

Amnesty International is calling on the Somaliland government to immediately and unconditionally release Abdirahman Ibrahim Adan from arbitrary detention and to fully respect, protect, promote and fulfil the right to freedom of expression of everyone in Somaliland.

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Juniper W. MUITHA

Research, Campaigns and Communications Assistant – The East and Horn of Africa


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