NISA proceeds with prosecution of VOA Somali Reporter


The Somali National Security & Intelligence Agency (NISA) yesterday revealed that it had submitted its probe findings against VOA reporter Harun Maruf to the Attorney General.

NISA made the announcement on its twitter and said, “NISA has submitted Harun Maruf’s case to the Attorney General for the prosecution of the criminal case and to under take suitable legal actions.”

NISA made the accusations against Harun Maruf of having undisclosed ties with elements that pose threat to the national security of Somalia’s Federal Government.

The reporter has not so far responded the allegations but the US embassy had condemned the allegations against Harun Maruf.

The US embassy said that Harun is among the respected reporters working for VOA and is one of the influential reporters in Somalia.

He reports on security issues and focuses on Al Shabab and its raids in Somalia.

He hosts a program dubbed “Investigative File” which revealed information regraded as confidential to the public on corruption and security flaws.


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