Las Anod students to be evaluated on grade point averages, the state resolves


In the 111th session of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Somaliland which was on Thursday chaired by the President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi resolved that all pupil affected by the skirmishes in Las Anod region will have their fate decided through a grade point average such that their future would be secure.

Similarly the meeting adopted the amendment bill on Traffic and Roads Act.

A general report related to the security of the country was heard from the Deputy Minister of Interior which updated the cabinet on the latest triumph in quelling Alisahiid skirmishes in Togdeer region through dialogues.

Equally the commemoration committee of the 32nd anniversary of May 18 gave the council information about the achievements of the tasks assigned to them.

The Council of Ministers, based on the responsibility of the citizens and the importance of education, unanimously decided that all the students in Las anod, and all the districts under it, who were to sit for their final exams, namely 35,177 of primary schools, and 5,465 of secondary schools, (in total A total of 40,642 students) will be evaluated based on the scores of the previous year’s exam in 2021-2022, and those who passed the school year 2022; compared to 2,233 students in the eighth grade and 1,045 students in the 12th grade in order to simplify the process of obtaining their certificates such that they may continue their education.

Also, a report was heard from the Social Affairs Committee of the Cabinet of Ministers which conducted a study on direct payments for social welfare (Cash Transfer) distributed by independent organizations in the country. The study which focused on points such as the risks involved that may arise from these funds, and what are the benefits for the Somaliland community.

After analytical deliberations the council agreed on formulations of regulations governing the cash transfer system.

The council also unanimously approved the Traffic and Road Act (Act No. 56/2023) which they had perused for amendments.

The President said that the council appreciates the achievements of the people of Somaliland inside and outside the country for the celebration of the 32nd anniversary of May 18 and also for the courageous gallantry of the various forces of the nation that dispelled off the enemy who tried to disrupt the celebration.

“As a council, we agree that the situation that happened on the 18th was unprecedented and will go down in history, since as we are celebrating that day enemies of the people were aggressively attacking us to disrupt the celebration of Somaliland’s 32nd reassertion of nation’s independence and sovereignty on the 18th May.”

He profoundly thanked and lauded all arms of the security apparatus for being steadfast, diligent and patriotic to their nation and for their bravery and gallantry in their duties.

The President similarly congratulated Somaliland communities around the world for the patriotism that have highlighted the cause of Somaliland as a nation and showed the world that the cause and aspirations was not a simple one.

He said, “Following this, the people of Somaliland around the world, everywhere and on every continent, became the biggest festival for the communities of Somaliland to show their patriotism abroad that Somaliland is not a wishful thinking but indeed the aspirations of the will of the people”.

The commemoration of May 18 in the year 2023 was celebrated in 64 cities in 33 countries in the five continents of Africa, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia, while it was celebrated in 33 cities in Europe. , 11 cities in Africa, 9 cities in North America, 4 cities in Canada, 7 cities in Asia and 4 cities in Australia, and held nearly 100 public meetings including two conferences held in The Hague and Washington DC along with four rallies held in Washington DC, Toronto, London and Geneva.

Since climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing Somaliland in the 21st century, the members of the cabinet were distributed with the National Climate Change Policy Act which would be next pondered in their subsequent meetings. The government has put a lot of effort into reducing vulnerability to climate change and strengthening the protection of social sectors, natural environment and preparedness for disaster management.


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