Djibouti President Fires four ministers in cabinet Reshuffle



Djibouti President His Excellency, Ismail Omar Guelleh reshuffled his cabinet on Tuesday according to presidential palace press statement.

The Head of State has dismissed the finance minister, Mr. Bobe Ahmed Roble, information minister, Mr. Abdi Yusuf Suge, health minister, Mr. Jama Elmi Okie and the labor minister, Mr. Hasan Idiris Samrie.

In addition, Mr. Ismail has appointed replacements for the sacked officials.

The minister of finance has been named as Mr. Abdikarim Adan Sher.

Mr. Ridwan Abdilahi Bahdon has become the new information minister.

Mohamed Warsame Derie was named as the new health minister.

Osman Ibrahim Roble has been named as the labor minister.

The justice minister, Mumin Ahmed Sheikh has been shifted as the interior minister.

Defense minister was shifted as the justice minister.

Ex-interior minister, Hasan Omar Mohamed shifted as the justice minister.



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