Djibouti Interior Minister, delegation arrive in Somaliland



HARGEISA–Djibouti’s Interior Minister Mumin Ahmed Sheikh arrived in Somaliland on Sunday, spearheading a high-level government delegation.

The high powered Djibouti delegation was greeted by the minister of interior flanked by the defense minister, lawmakers from both houses in Somaliland.

Somaliland interior minister, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, has said that the objective behind the visit embarked upon by the Djibouti delegation was to commiserate over the passing of the demise of Ahmed Abdi Kahin, a member of Somaliland House of Reps who passed away in Hargeisa on last Thursday.

He added that the delegation has not come to Somaliland for political affairs but to condole the family of late Ahmed Abdi Kahin who is mourning his death.

The interior minister from Somaliland has revealed that Djibouti’s interior minister and his accompanying delegation are next kin to the demise of Ahmed Kahin Abdi.

“Today we are receiving a delegation from Djibouti headed up by the interior minister who has paid a special courtesy call to SL. They have come to participate the mourning of Somaliland lawmaker who unexpectedly passed away in Hargeisa. Therefore, we are according a cordial reception and are here to pass their sincere condolences over the death of Ahmed Abdi Kahin.” Interior minister said

The delegation comes at a time when Somaliland and Djibouti had spat over the laying of submarine cable fiber optic which Somaliland authority has rejected to land in its territorial waters.

Rumor has it that the delegation headed up by the interior minister from Djibouti was to hold high level discussions in order to diffuse the growing tension over the submarine cable that the two states have disagreed.


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