Djibouti Extends Consular Services to its citizens in Somaliland



The Djibouti consulate in Somaliland has announced that it has extended services to Djibouti citizens living in Somaliland.

This was announced by Djibouti consul to Somaliland, Hon. Husein Omar Kawaliye in an interview with local media outlets in Somaliland.

Mr. Kawaliye asserted that the consulate provided 53 birth certificates and this was spearheaded by the shrewd leadership of President Ismail Omar Gelleh.

The consul has said that the Djibouti citizens did not have the services before.

The consul has further said that it has issued 20 death certificates who died in Somaliland.

The consulate offers marriage certificates and provide go home letters to Djibouti citizens whose travel documents expire.





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