Borama Municipal Councilors call on Residents to Maintain Peace and Development


Councilors of Borama Municipality have addressed the violent protests that had ravaged their town. They urged members of the public to maintain peace and order and continue on the development path.

Speaking to journalists in Borama town the councilors regretted the violent demonstrations. They sent their ardent apologies to those who lost their lives and livelihoods.

“We call upon all the inhabitants of Borama town to calm down and stop all acts of violence and destruction of property.”

The councilors urged the police to go slow members of the public.

They said “The police should use reasonable force in quelling of demonstrations. These are our people we should handle them with care.”

Councilors informed the people of Borama that the soldier who killed his colleague has been sentenced to death and there is no cause of alarm.

“The coast guard officers who shot the deceased officers has been sentenced to death by the first military court. We urge the government to make sure the soldier death penalty has been implemented.”

The councilors asked the public to protect their town’s development from any form of insecurity.

They warned against some evil minded people who were trying to instigate violence and incite the public to destroy property.

“We are much aware of some bad elements trying to incite women and children to violence. The security forces is on their trail we shall make sure they are arrested and brought to account of their actions.”



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