Why has the Somaliland government expelled foreigners from Las Anod, the capital of the Sool region?


Why is Somaliland government deporting foreign National from Las Anod, capital of Sool region.


Recently, Las Anod has become a trading hub in a very short time, but sees a shocking increase in killings.

Elders and intellectuals of Sool region strongly support the operations taken by the government of the Republic of Somaliland, to ensure security in the Sool region, which has proven to be out of control.

Eighty-five people have been killed in the past two or three years alone, a warning bell or a warning signal to the Republic of Somaliland. The 85 people who were killed in a very short period of time are part of the ongoing political war in Somaliland by the weak Somali government under Farmaajo, this is an ongoing fight towards Somaliland, which is and has been their new strategy for destabilizing the Sool region first, then throughout Somaliland, as a result of their inability to fight and capture land in Somaliland, It’s their new secret strategy to create trouble in Somaliland, because they can no longer fight with the powerful and well-trained army of Somaliland.


The assassinations of civilians, businessmen and high-ranking officials in the capital of the Sool region, Las Anod, have become the new epicenter of the controversy.


Thanks to the Somaliland government for this positive decision and for having taken measures to expel all foreigners living in Las Anod, following a thorough investigation and consultation with Sool elders, business people and traditional politicians.


I congratulate the Somaliland government on its swift decision to expel these foreigners from Las Anod, after the Government of Somaliland has conducted extensive investigations and consultations with the local and national government representatives, traditional elders, religious leaders, civic society, and academics.


The threat to foreign nationals is regarded as extremely dangerous, so Somaliland has the right to remove anyone who poses a threat to national security.


The chaos and the scary shootout in the town of Last Anod could have undeniably and easily escalated in other parts of Somaliland.

The murders and shootings that the elders, intellectuals, businessmen and religious leaders have all confirmed to be a coordinated killing, adding that the situation is extremely escalating in Sool region, especially LAS ANOD, the capital of Sool region. They said people were gunned down in broad daylight in the city.

The elders all stated and asserted that the murders have increased since the influx of foreigners from Somalia arrived. Since their arrival, key figures such as journalists, politicians, traditional leaders and business people have been killed cold blooded in the city with a hit and run mafia style where the assailants can easily hide or cross the border

After the investigation and consultations carried out with the traditional elders in Sool region, the commanders of the police, army and coastguard of the Republic of Somaliland who are currently in the Sool area, declared that Somaliland will continue its operation to expel foreigners in the town of Las ANOD, In order to preserve the safety and security of Somaliland citizens in the Sool region and in all regions of Somaliland. The trio sent a strong message to the so-called stagnant and failed government in Mogadishu.

I urge the Somaliland government to take a closer look at the thousands of the other foreign nationals living in other parts of Somaliland, in particular the Sanaag, Togdheer and Maroodijeeh regions.

So, what are the reasons and motives behind the assassinations in the Sool area and who is behind them?

The perpetrators are the Somali federal state under the leadership of Farmaajo. Farmaajo is the one that creates problems in the Sool region, there is evidence that Farmaajo has obtained a special budget to destabilize the Sool region and all of Somaliland.

There are numbers of reason why the assassinations are happening in Sool. Interestingly, all 85 killings in Las ANOD occurred during Farmaajo TIME in power

The following developments in Sool region is the very fact that Somalia is attempting to create problems and disturbances


  1. There is a hidden external program to destabilize the Sool area due to its recent mega economic growth and the very fact that LasAnod will be a commercial center as soon as Berbera’s expansion is completed. Since 2008, there are numerous developments and economic assistance that have greatly improved the market and trade, which not only benefits the local economy, but also enhances the stability of the region and the entire Republic of Somaliland.



  1. The arrival of DP World in Somaliland marked a change in regional geopolitics is indeed another cause of the ongoing unrest in the Sool region and Somaliland as a whole.


The United Arab Emirates saw Berbera as a strategic place to grow its economy.


Somalia and others in the region have been uncomfortable about DP World’s investment in Berbera and the growing presence of the United Arab Emirates in the region.


The President of the Somali Federal State, Farmaajo, did everything in his power to stop the expansion of DP Berbera, but failed.

DP World’s investment in Berbera has been negotiated by Ethiopia with the agenda to extend and strengthen regional hegemony.

As soon as the expansion of the DP World Berbera is finished, improvements to the port will certainly have the potential to link the Somaliland economy with Somalia, Ethiopia and the broader Horn of Africa, not only will Somaliland be perceived as a rapidly growing economic giant, it will also transform Somaliland into a key political actor.

It is also a sign that DP World’s involvement in Berbera will certainly have a direct and positive influence on Somaliland’s economic and political isolation.

The port of Berbera is a major seaport in the commercial capital of Somaliland, Berbera illustrates how businesses are seen to contribute stability and economic growth that will create peace dividends

Laascaanood is one of the luckiest towns in the Somaliland territories that had not been destroyed or demolished in 1988/91, but  Most of the problems, changes and displacements took place or occurred internally after 1991, however, the entire region is moving forward and at some point has taken over other parts of Somaliland by surprise.

From 1991 to 1994, the Sool area witnessed several episodes of civil war and vicious shootings for the innocent

Las Anod, the capital of Sool region  has been peaceful for the last two decades, this peace achieved through the hard work bottom-up peace-building approach by its elders, religious leaders, business people and politicians

Other developments in the Sool region to date that have made Somalia’s federal, state uneasy and unpleasant


Las Anod has become the largest trading market overnight in Somaliland and has grown rapidly in recent years and still growing fast, it is where the most livestock being sold.


It is Las ANOD where Somalia buys most of its food and diverse products, including clothing and electronics, most of the commodities that Somalia buys from Las Anod are imported from Wajale and Berbera.


The Somaliland government has constructed several roads in Lasanod to stimulate the local economy. Start-up businesses are on the rise, is home to diversified business communities. Lasanod boasts universities, health institutes & schools. People can shop till midnight as a result of the peaceful atmosphere.



They, the people of Sool are competent and far surpasses other regions. I am certain that they have already excelled in other regions in terms of their infrastructure, the rapid development of clean water, cheap electricity, schools and hospitals that are in place between 2004 and 2019 is a major milestone.


Development in the Sool region was 20 years behind other parts of Somaliland, but now overtook all other regions by far in terms of economic growth and infrastructure


These major developments in Sool region did not take place until the good people of the Sool region decided to cooperate with the Somaliland authorities.


When there is peace, developments will always knock on every doorstep and without hesitation. When you create peace within yourself, you create peace with the world that surrounds you.


To the credit of all the Sool people, one can argue that the situation at Laascaanood has calmed year after year, anyone of sound mind can see the difference between when Laascaanood was under Somali occupation and today.



Somalia, one can say, Puntland has not done much about security either or the revenge killing and criminality that was happening in and around the Sool region that continued unabated, but puntland is the one that is making all the noises now for the deportations in social media


Everything and everyone calmed down as soon as Somaliland government recaptured their occupied and god given territory.


Somaliland administration in Laascaanood initiated much needed effort to stop the criminality that was occurring day in and day out as well as preventing revenge killings with the willingness and cooperation of the people of the Sool region.


Somaliland administration also quickly initiated some moderate development projects, the government quickly and swiftly put or earmarked a big budget for schools and the local Nugaal University In 2009



Lasanod have possessed with pride for two universities and one health institute, mega hospital and many other ongoing governmental projects as well as private schools.


In 2009, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) also visited Laascaanood and completed a number of projects in and around Laascaanood.


The general level of development, including health care, education and the economy, started slowly but surely moved forward


Thanks to the Somaliland government that has built a number of roads in and around Laascaanood that have stimulated the local economy.


Companies are also thriving in Lascaanood and throughout the Sool region.


Lasanod hosts businesses and there are other people from other regions of Somaliland who have committed to start businesses in the Sool region.


Business owners from the rest of the country started a large number of businesses in Lasanod.


Further notable and apparent progress at Lasanod are residential development projects. 99 percent of the Diaspora communities from mainly Sool region are heavily investing in the real state sector in Lascaanood and its surroundings which has skyrocketed the land prices


The other notable progress is the fact that Laascaanood now has better routes than Hargeisa, the nation’s capital.


Finally, In December of last year, the first Book Fair organized by the Somaliland government took place in Lasanod and that alone is a significant achievement.



Future recommendations to Somaliland government in Sool region. The Somaliland government needs a future agenda that promotes inclusive economic growth throughout the Sool region.


I urge the Somaliland government to concentrate and have a plan to build a dry dock in the city of Las Anod, as the future is optimal for the Somaliland region of Sool.


Building a dry dock will definitely strengthen existing businesses, attract more businesses to the region and generate more revenue.


Promote enterprise development through business development services. Increase the involvement of women and youth in the economy as employers, employees and entrepreneurs. Enhance output, employment and revenues in all sectors.


Without any doubt, Sool region is on the verge of becoming a mega-enterprise and commercial hub that will eventually generate and develop Somaliland’s economy as a whole.


The government must put in place a plan to accelerate Somaliland’s increasing integration into the world economy, through a combination of initiatives that improve the country’s competitiveness, stimulate new investment, and enhance market linkages and trade partnerships.


It will also boost Somaliland exports of quality agriculture and fish, increase dairy production, reduce dependency on imports and increase employment in areas recovering from years of conflict and recurrent natural disasters.


Somaliland should have plans and activities focusing on high-potential areas in all regions of Somaliland.



Furthermore, This video is a demonstration against foreign nationals at ERIGAVO, the capital of the Sanaag region, which took place three years ago.



Eighteen Raxanweyn men were gunned down by the Puntland government of Somalia.




Look at this Puntland video and that’s exactly what’s happening in Las ANOD RECENTLY where 85 people were killed.









Brave women from Rahanweyn talks about somaliland



A member of Somaliland Guurti from the Sool region talks about the assassination of the elected MP who was gunned down three weeks ago.




Sool region elders supported the deportation of the foreign nationals from LAS ANOD





Final recommendations for the Government of Somaliland.

There are thousands of non-registered Ethiopians in Somaliland who also need to be expelled.

Congratulations Laascaanood, Sool REGION

Your region’s future is at an all-time high. All you have to do is keep moving forward




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