Two Cabinet Ministers locked horns over the sacking of an employee in Somaliland


Hargeisa–The minister in charge of trade, industry and tourism, Mohamud Hasan Sa’ad has recently sacked staffer at the Somaliland liaison office in Ethiopia. The fired employee at the liaison office in Ethiopia who is the next kin of incumbent president of Somaliland. Mr. Abdirahman Abdi Hasan who was responsible for commercial affairs to the liaison office in Ethiopia has refused to vacate the post. The minister of trade has appointed Mr. Abdibasid Ibrahim Adan as the new trade attache to the liaison office in Ethiopia. The sacking of ex-commercial attache has caused row between the trade minister and the foreign minister. The minister for foreign affairs, Mr. Yasin Faraton has sided with the ex-trade attache at the diplomatic mission in Ethiopia and has rejected to officially write the replacement letter of the two officials. There are unconfirmed reports that the reason behind the refusal of the foreign minister is that there is covert interest between the FM and Mr. Abdirahman. This will be the first staffer who has refused to vacate the post.

The official letter from the trade minister in which he appointed Mr. Abdibasid.



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