Top Al-Shabaab operative ‘killed’ in ambush


A senior jihadist operative has been killed in Mogadishu, official said.

The spokesman for the Somali Police Force, Col Kassim Ahmed Roble, said Abukar Hassan Adde, better known as Sayyid Abukar, was killed in a confrontation early Tuesday.

He said that his forces wanted to capture Abukar alive so that he could face the law.

To capture

“The Somali police aimed at seizing Abukar Hassan Adde. Unfortunately, he resisted capture, mounting armed confrontation,” said Col Roble.

“He died during an exchange of fire, but we managed to capture three of his Al-Shabaab companions who sustained injuries,” the police officer added.

Abukar was reportedly in charge of Amniyaat, the Al-Shabaab security apparatus in eastern Mogadishu, especially Yakshid and Heliwa districts.

The killing

“The Al-Shabaab operative has been in our wanted list since 2015. He escaped police operations several times, but he has finally fallen today, Tuesday,” remarked Col Roble.

“Over the years, he has been directly responsible for the killing of three government officials, five police officers and 23 innocent civilians,” stated the police officer.

The East African


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