The registration of voters has started peacefully in the country, says NEC chair


The Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Mr. Musa Hassan Yusuf said that the voter registration process started appropriately and safely in all the regions and districts of the country on Wednesday as the exercise kicked off.

He also called on the members of the public to register themselves as voters.

Chairman Musa gave the sentiments as he addressed a presser at the NEC headquarters on Wednesday following the start of the exercise nationwide.


He said that it was a great joy that the exercise is already underway as scheduled and started smoothly in all the designated areas.

He called on all the staff at the registration sites to be gently considerate to the registering, especially the elderly and those with special needs.

He called on the citizenry to safeguard and maintain peaceful stability at the registration centers, and fulfill their constitutional duty of registration.

He expressed his gratitude to all the arms of security who are on standby and protecting the security of the voter registration areas.


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