The IC has once again support the government’s position of implementing a ceasefire and initiating dialogue in resolving conflicts


The International Community (IC) has once again welcomed and supported the position of implementation of a ceasefire and initiation of dialogue to end the conflict that the government announced earlier in the situation in Lasanood.

In a joint statement issued by the governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar on February 28, 2023, they expressed concern about the exacerbating conflict situation in Lasanod, and once again supported the government’s unilateral declaration of a ceasefire and initiating of an effective and peaceful dialogue. .

In a press release, the five countries noted, “The partners express concern on February 28, 2023 about the ongoing conflict in and around Las anod, and calls on all parties to abide by the ceasefire, de-escalate tensions, allow unhindered humanitarian aid, and engage in dialogue effectively to realize  and peaceful stability”.

Although the voice of the international community (IC) has once again fully supported the position of the Somaliland government as concerns the declaration of the ceasefire and initiation of peaceful dialogue, it is imperative the IC apportion blame where it is due, and pressurize justifiably the flouting party to enforcing it and attend a round table.


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