Qatar Charity Donated Funds for the Development of the Country’s Hospitals


A London-based Qatar charity foundation has donated 1.5 million pounds to various major hospitals in the regions and districts of the Republic of Somaliland.

A large gathering in an effort to raise funds for the cause was convened by London-based King’s College, at their premises, in conjunction with Qatari Charity Foundation.

The fund is earmarked to be used in the next two years for the development and improvement of Somaliland’s medical infrastructure.

The event was attended by the Qatari ambassador to Britain, Amb. Fahad Binnu Muhammad Al Ityah and Mohamed Nasir Al Thani, the chief executive of the Qatari Charity Fund.

There were also high-ranking members of the delegation of the Qatari government in London, UK.

Present at the event was the ambassador of the Republic of Somaliland to the United Kingdom Mr. Abdi Abdillahi, and the top leaders of Kings College London, which organized the event.

“We are happy that the Qatari Charity Fund has contributed to the health support in Somaliland. This means that we now have a great opportunity to bolster the sector that we now have international friends participating in the support and development of Somaliland’s medical infrastructure”, said an official speaking for the Qatari Charity foundation.

Ms. Laura Haks, a senior official at Kings College London stated, “Kings College London has had a cooperative relationship with the Somaliland Ministry of Health for 20 years. Today we just signed a new contract”.

And added, “This is a great opportunity for us, that Qatari Charity has participated in supporting the health infrastructure in Somaliland”.

“We are really happy that we have found an international fund, which helps us to improve the medical infrastructure in Somaliland,” said Ms. Hanna Brows, who is the head of liaison between Somaliland and Kings College London.

Qatar’s ambassador to the UK Fahad Binnu Muhammad said that he was very happy with the help given to Somaliland.

“We said that Qatar is committed to providing economic support to Somaliland and are very happy that Kings College cooperates and works together in the development of health infrastructure for our brothers and sisters in Somaliland”


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