The Human Right Centre Condems the arrest and detention of Khaliil Hussein Muse the Chairperson of Berbera City Council of UCID Political Opposition Party


The Human Rights Center is deeply disturbed with the re-arrest and detention of Khalil Hussein Muse. He was previously arrested on 5/10/2021 without any charges but was remanded and released on conditionality and on bail. Khalil Hussein Muse is the Chairperson of Berbera City Council of UCID Political Opposition Party. He was re-arrested on 12/12/2021 for a Facebook post written on his personal page. His subsequent arrest is by the order of the Governor of Sahil l Region, Dr.Ahmed Mohammed Hashi.

The Human Rights Center is gravely concerned with the increase of detentions and arrests in recent months, more opposition leaders, journalists and social activists have been arrested and detained arbitrarily. These charges contradict the laws of the constitution of Somaliland and International human rights law. The contradiction of article 32 (1) which stipulates « Every citizen shall have the freedom, in accordance with the law, to express his opinions orally, visually, artistically, or in writing or in any other way. »

Human Rights Center similarly would like to urge Somaliland Government to guarantee the right to freedom and integrity, particularly by bringing an end to the judicial harassment perpetrated against political oppositions and the citizens in Somaliland.

Finally, Human Rights Center calls for the immediate release of Khalil Hussein Muse and urges the Somaliland Government to uphold and respect the laws of the Constitution.

Yasmin Omar Haji Mohamoud

Chairperson, Human Rights Centre, Somaliland


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