The country’s tax system set to be included in the education curriculum


The Ministry of Financial Development held an important meeting for some of the country’s universities, which was about the country’s tax system and Somaliland’s education curriculum.

During the meeting, the Department of Economics and Statistics of the Ministry of Finance presented a report on a study conducted on the level of students’ understanding of the country’s tax system. Participants were also presented with a six-chapter course on Somaliland’s tax system.

This meeting was attended by the Minister of Finance Dr. Saad Ali Shire, Hargeisa city Mayor Hon. Abdikarim Ahmed Moge, Director General of the Ministry of Finance Mohamed Abdi Gurhan, Director of Higher Education Ibrahim Amin Gadiid, some directors of the Ministries of Finance and Education, and officials from the country’s universities aimed to build awareness among the young generation of the country, who will be the taxpayers of tomorrow.

The meeting, which was a preliminary one has been scheduled for subsequent technical meetings, which would be invited, of all stakeholders, according to the officials of the Ministries of Finance and Education.


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