Foreign Minister Attends French Independence Day fete held in Hargeisa


The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. Essa Kayd Mohamud said that Somaliland is a self-built country and resilient.

Dr. Essa added that they have informed the larger world community the only demand of the people of Somaliland jointly is to get recognition, hence called on the community to join hands in whatever comes their way.

Dr. Kayd made this speech at an event celebrating the French diaspora in Somaliland commemorating the French Independence Day held in Hargeisa, and he said, “We have started to tell the world that we are a country called Republic of Somaliland that is open to everyone, and showed that we are a country built alone by his people”.


Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Essa stated that the only thing the combined Somaliland public anticipates is when their country gets its due recognition.

Minister Essa explained the noise heard public at large here or abroad and said that it is not a big deal, but it is the process of democracy and freedom of speech, and freedom the political stakeholders of Somaliland are expressing their opinions in the elections.

He underlined no one wants this beautiful country that shed a lot of blood for its liberation struggle to be easily destroyed.”


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