The Brand New Plate Numbers unveiled causes public outcry in Somaliland


HARGEISA— The parliament committee on finance, the opposition political parties and the public have expressed their concern over newly unveiled plate numbers and the transport ministry has stipulated that vehicle owners must pay 60 dollars.

The public and drivers have argued that they do not have the right to buy the new plate numbers as they have already bought the old ones. They also further protested by saying that the new vehicles should buy the brand new plate numbers. The committee in charge of finance of Somaliland’s house of national assembly have said that the tax imposed on getting the new plate numbers is illegal. They have stated that the house of assembly reserves the right to increase taxes but the ministry of finance does not have the overall power to do so.

The opposition parties have also claimed that the taxes imposed on getting the new plate numbers is beyond the capacity of ordinary citizens. They called on the government to revoke the tax that the public must pay in order to get the brand new plate numbers. The government having unveiled the new plate numbers, it has said that it is compulsory for all vehicles to have the new plate numbers and abandon the old one which was nullified. The House of National Assembly stated that they will summon the finance minister to come before the parliament.



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