Somaliland’s Ministry Of Education Releases National Examinations Results


HARGEISA–The Ministry of Education hereby issued the results of the 2017 intermediate & High School Examination yesterday. According to the chairman of Somaliland’s National Examination Board, Hon. Da’ud Ahmed Farah said that 27,746 students across the country have sat for the national exams in nationwide.

There were 9,475 from high schools and 18,271  from intermediate schools in Somalilaand. When it comes to high school that 8,358 have passed while 1,117  have flanked out. At least 16,604  students have passed from intermediate schools, 1,399 students have failed and 268 were reported absent.

The first three top students in nationwide were announced are as below:-

  1. Abdibasid Abdrisak Awil ———-907
  2. Abdirahman Sh. Yasin Ibrahim—904
  3. AbdikaniMohamed Da’ud Jama—-890

The First Three Top Students in Somaliland’s National Exams




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