Somaliland: Chamber of Commerce Supports president’s decree in revoking taxes waiver


HARGEISA–The Chamber of Commerce has lauded the president’s decree which revoked tax waiver for plant owners in Somaliland. The chairman of the nation’s chamber of commerce, Hon. Mohamed Shukri Jama has said that president, Bihi has taken a courageous move in which he ended a long standing injustice among traders in Somaliland. He revealed that there traders who paid the taxes while other were levied small taxes on the business which is not fair according to the chairperson. The chairman made the remarks following an interview he gave to local media by announcing that he backs president in his bold step of imposing taxes on all traders.

The plant owners have cried foul over the president’s decree in which he canceled the waiver tax and now are obliged to pay taxes levied on imported items for them via the ports in the country.


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