Somaliland Was Mother Country of Ex-Somali Republic Despite UN’s Legal Errors



On 1st July 1960 the independent State of Somaliland united with Somalia which was under UN-Trusteeship. The two countries formed “Somali Republic” within the territory of State of Somaliland and Somalia.  The United Nation (UN) registered the birth of the new nation under the name of “Somali Republic”, and citizens named “Somali Citizen”. Both names of Somaliland and Somalia were exempted, as pre-independence terms.

Somali Republic endured for thirty one years despite the displeasure of the people of former State of Somaliland (1876 – 1960) over the power-sharing and misuse of government against latter.  On 18th May 1991, the people of Former State of Somaliland declared the restoration of their state, and Republic of Somaliland was announced within territory and population of former State of Somaliland.  In last 28 years, Somaliland has no business with Mogadishu regime and does not have official representation.


The UN recognizes the existence of “Somali Republic” regardless of reinstated status of Republic of Somaliland.  The Mogadishu regime renamed the “Somali Republic” to its pre-independence name “Somalia” without getting proper approval from the other partners including Somaliland.


The unfortunate is that UN uses the name “Somalia” in all official communications without considering the legal implications that could result. The UN appoints envoy to “Somalia” who operates within the territory of former “Somali Republic”. The UN did not discuss the matter with Republic of Somaliland, instead sleepwalked into the illegal term that Mogadishu regime introduced while overlooking the partnership in-which “Somali Republic” was created.


The delegations from Mogadishu regime “Former UN Trusteeship of Somalia” who claim to be representing the former “Somali Republic” use the slogan of “Somalia” at UN Head Quarter. Today, there are representative for “Somalia” in the UN Head Office at New York. The question lingering is, does the representative embodies Somaliland and “Somalia”? If the answer is YES than does the representative/Mogadishu regime protect the interest of the people of Somaliland?!  The answer is NO.


The UN and International Community genuinely understand the political difference between Republic of Somaliland and “Somalia”, and that people of Somaliland reverted their nationhood prior to the unity of 1st July 1960, in a free&fair referendum.


The people of Somaliland never been part of “Somalia” historically as the name was archived as colonial term, however, and for the first time, the name reappeared after collapse of Siyad Barre regime, and at a time Somaliland restored its status of before 26th June 1960.


It is legal error to rename a country in state of war, and its people have huge difference over their future political relationship.  UN is neglecting Somaliland’s demands of restoring their status prior to 1st July 1960.  97% Somalilanders voted for independence from “Somali Republic” in a free and fair referendum, while “Somalia” is dooming into endless civil war.


The UN must listen the desire of the 90% citizens of the Republic of Somaliland, and stop supporting the shaky government in Mogadishu at the expense of the Somaliland. If the UN allows the regime in Mogadishu to use the name “Somalia” at the official level, than this means the share of the Somaliland in 1960 unity is nullified.


Despite the all legal errors by UN, the current Mogadishu regime led by Farmajo is spending millions of aid money to destabilize the Republic of Somaliland. He sponsors troublemakers in Somaliland including armed groups and corrupted politicians, because Farmajo ill-fatedly believe destabilizing Somaliland will restore former “Somali Republic”.  


“If Somaliland development and democratization succeeds while “Somalia” in chaos, than Somaliland will never turn back to the 1960 unity with Somalia” Farmajo said during a secret meeting with his tribesmen in Garowe Town.   During his presence in Garowe town, Farmajo engineered attacks of Puntland militia on the bases of Somaliland Army at the border between Somaliland and “Somalia”.


Unlike his successor, Farmajo expressed unwillingness to restart the negotiation with Somaliland over the restoration of the status before 1st July 1960.   


In a televised interview, Somalia MPs announced of having evidence linking Farmajo to illegal activities in Somaliland. The lawmakers underscored that Farmajo paid million dollars to destabilize Somaliland via his sleeper agents. The MPs are also member of Somalia’s parliamentary budget committee.    


The Minister of Information of Somaliland Mr. Guri-Barwaaqo expressed concerns over the illegal activities of Farmajo regime in Somaliland.  UN must support Somaliland to avoid the violence in “Somalia” .


UN must appoint special envoy to Somaliland who can focus on the UN interest in Somaliland. The UN Envoy to Somaliland will engage with the elected officials of Somaliland who represent the people.  The interest of Somaliland is not in Mogadishu, because there are no legal presentation of Somalilanders in Mogadishu.


It is unrealistic for the United Nation to discuss the issues of Somaliland with the regime in Mogadishu, who don’t represent them. The UN should stop erroneous approaches and start engaging with Somaliland authorities with new envoy to Hargiesa.


By\ Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi



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