Somaliland: Waddani Responds To Kulmiye/UCID Kenya Visit



The Somaliland opposition party, Waddani, has responded to the visit to Kenya by a five member delegation from Kulmiye and UCID.

Speaking to the media, a Waddani spokesperson, accused the two parties, Kulmiye and UCID of lying to the people of Somaliland and their own supporters about the current political situation in the country with regard to the prospective parliamentary and locals elections scheduled for later this year.

In their press conference, the Waddani party accused the two other parties, Kulmiye and UCID of meeting with various politicians from Somalia, whilst accusing Waddani of being “Somaliweyn”.

According to Waddani, the attempt to lie to the international donors in Nairobi by the Kulmiye/UCID delegation has backfired, since the donors are aware of the current political situation in Somaliland.

The Waddani party are insisting on a new National Elections Commission and a new arrangement for parliamentary seats, before they agree to participate in any future elections.

The party maintains its commitment to the democratic process in Somaliland, but does not appear to be flexible in it’s political position. Meanwhile, the deadline for the parliamentary and local elections is only six month away.

Ahmed Kheyre


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