Somaliland Unveils new number plate series, nullifies old ones





HARGEISA– Somaliland Government has unveiled on Monday a new series for the number plates, A1, B1, C1, D1, and E1 and has ended the old one. The country has launched the new series of nationalized code, the ministry of transport announced today. In a glitzy ceremony at Ambassador Hotel, the minister of Transport has unveiled the  long awaited new number plates. Owners of vehicles are apprised to get the new number plates for the coming six months but later that it will be compulsory for all vehicles in Somaliland to have the new number plates. It is noteworthy that Arabic was removed from the number plate as far as the new changes are concerned. The previous car registration number plates will be banned in Somaliland. The introduction of new number plates will have a unified code and will boost the country’s national security.


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