Somaliland, UNOCHA lock horns over the expulsion of nationals from southern Somalia


Somaliland and UN locked horns after the two sides traded allegations pertaining to the deportation of nationals hailing from southern Somalia from Lasanod, Sool’s provincial capital. The President of the republic of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi yesterday lambasted UNOCHA of showing double face after it released a statement regarding the expulsion drive enforced by Somaliland’s security forces stationed in Lasanod. Bihi said: ” I hoped that what UNOCHA talked about was not the vested interest of families that were deported from Lasanod. They came to the town as underprivileged refugees. OCHA had not supplied water tanker to the refugees for one day. It had not distributed plastic sheets as well as tablets against the prevention of malaria.” Bihi had alleged that OCHA sought financial aid by exploiting the dire situation of the deportees which he said was an act of shame for the UN. Bihi said: “What did OCHA contribute to the refugees for the past 30 years? What had they done for the refugees if they could show a high sense of compassion to the dire situation of the refugees? Why didn’t they send humanitarian aid to them? Why did OCHA express concern over the deportees? UNOCHA is a double-faced. It is a big shame for UN to seek financial aid on behalf of people that were expelled from Lasanod.” The UNOCHA report disclosed that Somaliland deported 7, 250 people from Lasanod and its environs during the implementation of the deportation drive enforced by Somaliland security forces.


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