Somaliland: President Nominates National Commissions




HARGEISA– Somaliland President His Excellency, Musa Bihi Abdi has on Tuesday appointed six members of Higher Education Commission (HEC) in a presidential decree issued from the office of the presidency.

The names of the members include:-

1. Mr. Husein  Haji Hasan Gulied – Chairman
2. Mr. Mohamed Hasan Shiekh Mumin -Assistant chairman
3. Mr. Abdirisak Muse Farah -Member
4. Mr. Osman Jama Adan –Member
5. Mr. Abdi Ismail Yonis “Abdi Duse”-Member
6. Mr. Ahmed Ali Hirsi “Sulub” Member

In addition, the Head of State has named the following members for Somaliland’s Quality Control Commission.

1. Mr. Faisal Mohamud Said-Member
2. Mr. Mohamedd Ismail Dhimbil (Suufi)-Member
3. Mr. Ali Sheikh Mohumed Aw Abdi-Member
4. Mr. Hasan Mohamud Mohamed (Bakosh)-Member

Furthermore, The President using powers enshrined in country’s national constitution has appointed members of National HIV/AID’s Commission.

  1. Mr. Nasir Ayjeh Jama-Executive Director
  2. Mr.  Muhyadin Yusuf Ibrahim-Director of Awareness and mobilization
  3.  Mr. Mohamed Jama Saidd-Director of in charge of training
  4. Mr. Mohamed Abib Yusuf- Director responsible for treatment and caring

Finally, Mr. Musa Bihi, Somaliland leader has named Commission responsible for Good Governance.

1. Mr. Ahmed Jama Mohamud-Member
2. Mr. Abdikadir Haji Ismacil Mohamed-Member
3. Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Awale-Member
4. Mr. Liban Ismail Abdillahi-Member
5. Mr. Dayib Adan Xaji Ali-Member


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