Somaliland: President delivers address in Parliament on Sunday



The President of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi in an address to joint parliamentary session on Sunday has said that Turkey is determined to mediate the stalled talks between Somalia & Somaliland. The Head of State has reiterated that having in mind that the past 7 years of Turkish mediation did not bear fruit and further called on the attendance of the international community to facilitate and revive the stalled dialogue. Mr. Bihi has asserted that Sweden and Switzerland made personal contacts with him to host the resumption of the protracted talks between Somalia and Somaliland. The president has stated clearly that Somaliland has accepted both offers from the two countries. In his annual state address to the parliament, the Head of State has repeated that the time is right for Somalia and Somaliland to secede. Mr. Bihi has further highlighted that his administration has resorted in resolving conflicts and confrontations by peaceful means. The president has stated in his address that having Somaliland chosen to take the path of peace then that urged international delegations to pay a courtesy call to Somaliland. The country has acquired more than 150 millions USD in order to carry out the rejuvenation of roads. The president has further underscored that his administration has agreed with the Unted Nations Organizations to deal with Somaliland in regard to the Somaliland Special Arrangement which is aimed at channeling all aids via Somaliland development Fund. The president also spoke of the peaceful coexistence with Puntland which is part of Somalia and has borders with Somaliland. The president has told that militia soldiers sneaked into Somaliland borders and conducted destabilizing acts. The Head of State urged Somalia to refrain from any acts that will spark renewed hostility in the region. The President has reiterated that Somaliland is committed to protect its borders from any acts of destabilization. The Head of State called on the populace to unite for the promotion of national interest.

Speaking on the issue of livestock, he stressed that more than 2 million livestock were vaccinated from diseases. Mr. Bihi has emphasized that his administration is striving to seek foreign markets for nation livestock as its the mainstay of the nation’s economy. As for the fish development resources, the Head of state has reiterated that the fishers in major provinces across the country were distributed with freezers and fridges. The fish caught last year increased by 2000 tons. He said that his gov’t is doing all it can to search for new foreign markets for country’s fish export. The government has rebuilt 66 km of Erigavo road. The ministry of transport has revamped major roads that link Hargeisa-Buroa, Hargeisa and Kala Baydh and road linking Lasanod and Tukaraq.

The government has assisted more than 245,000 families with the distribution of food rations.


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