Somaliland: President Bihi Honors top 4 Quran memorisers at the presidential palace

Hargeisa–President Musa Bihi Abdi on Friday has given awards to 4 top honors of Somaliland’s annual National Holy Quran competition.
A highly organized ceremony held tonight at the presidential palace  saw the attendance of the president, the religious leaders who oversee the Quran contest, 
members of the cabinet ministers, students from all provinces who won the contest.
Mr. Abdibaari Abdirahsid Said from Marodi Jeh province came first in the Quran memorizing contest.
President Bihi has awarded Mr. Abdibaari with brand new Noha.
Mr. AHmed Mohamud Ahmed came second who is fom Sahil region.
Mr. Shuaib Ali Iidle from Awdal region has come third place.
Mr. Mohamed Abdirahman Ahmed from Awdal province has come the fourth.
The top students who came the first and second berths will perform free Imra.
The minister in charge of religious affairs has congratulated on the top honors who scoop the top places in the Quran contest.
President Bihi has said that the honors will be the coming religious imams in Somaliland. He also felicitated the winners.


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