Somaliland Police arrest Nigerian men accused of making fake money


Somaliland security forces, particularly immigration officials, have arrested five Nigerians and a man claiming to be Somali-Tanzanian, allegedly involved in making counterfeit currency.

Commander of the Somaliland Immigration Force Brigadier General Mohamed Osman Alin, who spoke to the media, said they had arrested six people on charges of making counterfeit currency and equipment.

“Paper used to make counterfeit money, various chemicals, paper cutting tools, labels, chalk, herbal and liquid medicines, and other equipment are here,” he said.

The Immigration commander has commended Somaliland Police force for their arresting assistance, adding the suspects entered Somaliland from Egal Airport and the border town of Wajale, on the Somaliland-Ethiopia border.

Former Somaliland Central Bank Governor Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi said the suspects were an organized group that wanted to harm Somaliland’s economy.

“They are an invading group that wanted to destabilize the Somaliland economy. They are well-organized and well-equipped men, from chemicals to paper, and they want to print large amounts of money,” Baghdadi said.

Security forces displayed Somaliland Shilling, the Ethiopian Birr and the US Dollar they used for symbol

Defendants are expected to appear in court within the next 48 hours.


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