Somaliland: Pioneer Academy for Prisons department is established



Its named in honour of Brig Gen Huduun’s visionary

By M.A. Egge

The Somaliland Prisons Department has managed to acquire a pioneer modern academy to train its warders.

The specialized warders’ school built at Mandera has been named after its chief, Brigadier General Mohammed Osman Huduun to honour and acknowledge his efforts. The country never had a prison warder training school before hence the servicemen used to train with other arms of the security personnel.

While inaugurating the General Huduun Prison Academy, the Justice Minister Hon. Abdiqani Mohamud Ateeye acknowledged the fact that the establishment of the academy was mainly facilitated by the personal visionary, efforts and service acumen of Barig. Huduun’s leadership.

The Minister hailed the general for his pragmatic efforts in the mobilization of realizing the school.

Said he, “The establishment of this academy has been mainly realized through the general’s efforts and visionary leadership hence we as the administration and the government as a whole praise him’.

The minister further observed, “If only there were many people with such visions in the country, apt and ample progress and development would have been achieved.”

He likewise hailed the prisons department for the progress they have made by realizing the establishment of the academy.

On his part, Brig. Huduun acknowledged the part he has played and advised, “It is worthy for any person to leave a positive legacy wherever they were.”

The warders, unlike other servicemen and women, require the specialized human correctional and rehabilitation skills and knowledge.



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