Somaliland: Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of your people



It is obvious that good leadership with good political vision and performance is the paramount to the economic development of a country or nation; or the economic development of any country is highly dependent on its leadership. And when we are talking about economic development of a country, the first priority that it involves is the development of human capital, improvement of the living conditions of the people and their livelihoods, decrease of poverty level and improvement of other self-esteem human needs, like education, health services, good hygiene, important infrastructure, lower unemployment rate, rule of law based on equality, justice and democracy.
on the bases of this formula, Somaliland needs a leader with sympathetic and merciful emotions, whose 1st priority of his leadership’s fundamental gains are manifested in the betterment and improvement of his citizens’ livelihoods and reduction of the sufferings and pains of the poor people in the society; a leader whose thoughts are concentrated to bail out and support the thousands of families from rural community, who lose all their livestock due to famine and tsunami, who are in a situation of misery & starvation in unrecognized IDPs; a leader with a plan enabling them to start their nomadic live again;
Somaliland needs a leader whose mind is always occupied by the hardships and needs of the poor families under the poverty-line living in all Somaliland towns and villages, the mothers struggling to feed their children with very difficult activities amid this never- seen before inflation, the children in the IDPs lacking their rights to educate, the soldiers in the front lines of the war against the invaders and the sufferings of their families and children, the future of the jobless young graduates still sitting in the houses of their heart-broken parents, the pains and sufferings of the orphans and the street children, the poor and ineffective infrastructural facilities, the inflation and its negative impact that hampered the country’s progress , economic growth, commodity prices, and livelihoods of all poor and middle class people.
Somaliland needs a leader who always act as a national leader, who gives high regard for morality & law abiding; whose people are equal under his rule; whose people are equal under the legal system; who considers the power sharing measurement; who is a peacemaker who stitches the cracks among his people; who unites the nation not divides; who welcomes negotiations for every political dispute; who is confident to make consultations when ever national crisis arise with the elites of his people (prominent politicians, religious leaders, military experts, traditional leaders, intellectuals and scholars , each group with the crisis of their subject), to make decisions that can have great positive impact on the well-being of the nation and the people. Who welcomes scrutiny and supports the media and true freedom of speech, not oppressor with censorship ideals; for scrutiny allows a good leader to be an even greater leader.
Somaliland needs a leader who gives emphasis and targets the problems that have negative economic impact to the common people like the current Inflation crisis; who can take a quick action to end inflation; who is ready to delegate some experienced finance experts possessing high degree of intellectual power to the higher posts of the finance institutions; finance managers who know how to handle, manage and overcome the challenges, difficulty and obstacles that the economy and financial markets of a new and poor nation can face, and can understand the economic dynamics of such state; professionals who can turn the economic floating boat to a better and more reliable direction. To get an urgent solution ending this long time standing financial and economic crisis associated with the general increase of the prices of the common services and goods, causing our peoples’ lives to worsen day after day, will be an important economic, social and political step toward socio-economic development.
Somaliland needs a leader who is ready to get rid of all types of corruption with no tendencies to accept even a single cent be turned in to a private pocket; who has zero tolerance to ministers and officers who are greedy to safe much dollar as they can, who are stealing tax payer’s money; while hundreds of thousands of their people in the IDPs are under the worst living conditions, and at the edge of hunger due to not having even the lowest life saving food; while others are in the mid of high inflation that they can’t get properly even one of the three meals of a day; a leader who has the gut to return all stolen, privately possessed, illegally sold or transferred state properties, complete state working institutions, inland revenue resource documents, state revenue transferred from the central bank account to private accounts in private banks back in to state owned original status; who can make history and give an order to make every reasonable effort to identify the thieves of those stolen and illegally privatized properties; because the return of the property will not serve as a defense against the theft.
somaliland needs a leader with no intellect phobia, whose criteria of his selection when nominating the national positions is based on the professional expertise and qualification; a leader with a cabinet who have the capability and experience to lift up the country from the inaction and standstill foreign policy, the socio-economic development stagnation and the deafening silence to react the reforms going around us; a leader who understands the Basic Framework and Process needed to conduct, in order to meet the international obligations leading this country reach recognition sometime in the near future; who knows the need for this new state to be integrated into the international community immediately; who can put our case under international arbitration based in the case of the systematic persecution of the somaliland people by the state authority on account of the Somali republic before 1991; in the case that the relevant territory of somaliland is marked by the borders that existed when it gained independence; in the case of somaliland’s success to respect and act on all international obligation required from a state; and in the case that it meets all conditions needed from a de facto state to legitimize its rights to be recognized as a sovereign state.
Somaliland needs a leader who is always aware to minimize the public claims and problems from those who need his help through his authority; a leader whose deriving joy is to solve publicly pointed problems; who serves the best interests of the people and the country; who always listens and invites the claims and criticisms from the public concerning the misuses, the bad deeds, the injustice and the power abuses committed by his ministers and other government officers; and takes action from those whose dirty hands are revealed under the heavy light of the public; because his silence make them feel secure in the darkness of power abuse. “Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of your people”

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