Somaliland leader says Talks with Somalia can resume on one condition



On the occasion of Somaliland’s 29th Independence anniversary, President Musa Bihi Abdi has expressed gratitude towards aid from the international community but protested that Somaliland won’t accept assistance channeled via Somalia’s Federal Government. President Bihi has noted that Somaliland has reached a point of self sufficiency. He said that Villa Somalia leaders are an enemy that is against the aspirations of Somaliland to be independent and gain recognition. Speaking on the four-year-long stalled talks, President Bihi has underlined that Somaliland won’t sit down with Somalia’s government as long as Somalia is accustomed to calling Somaliland the northern part of Somalia. President Bihi has revealed that this meant to despise Somaliland. Somaliland leader has pledged that his administration will only with Somalia as two separate states that are on an equal footing. He also said that leaders in Villa Somalia believe the union between Somalia and Somaliland. Bihi has said it is necessary that an agreement should be reached over the agenda of the talks so that the dialogue will yield tangible outcome. Finally, President Bihi has said that Somaliland will refer its case to the international courts to settle its dispute with Somalia.




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