Somaliland, Jigjiga adminstrations commence healthcare in Wajale


The government of Somaliland particularly the ministry of health development in conjunction with the ministry of health of Somali State in Ethiopia launched a joint health project which is expected to be benefited by almost 2000 to 3000 residents in the border town of Tog Wajale which links Somaliland to Ethiopia. The launching ceremony which is held in Wajale saw the attendance of Somaliland’s minister of health, Dr. Hasan flanked by his Somali State minister of health in Ethiopia.

The patients will receive medications while some will undergo cataract surgery and others are due to receive skin treatment. The joint health project will last for five days. According to health minister of Somali State said that there are two optometrists who will provide medications while there is a dermatologist who is also providing the health medications.



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