Somaliland government to lower the charcoal use, introduces new project


Keeping the strategy of the environment as well as giving special attention to the climate change, Somaliland government has introduced a new project to lower the price of liquefied petroleum gas  and propane gas to reduce the charcoal use.

SL Ministry of environment and UNDP have jointly launched the new project favoring the environment and its safety.

officials said the project is aimed to be part of lasting remedy to the environmental crisis in the country and lower the charcoal use.

The project which will be carried out by SOMGAS company is intended for the public to get cheaper propane gas for essential life needs such cooking, industrial and health facilities.

Officials reiterated that the project will be benefited by residents in major cities of Somaliland.

SOMGAS official emphasized the importance of the project for the public and the environment.

Director-General of SL Ministry of Environment and Rural Development Abdikarim Adan Said pointed out the plan in the coming years to safe the environment.



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