Somaliland Government Suspends Talks with Somalia


The government of Somaliland has announced that its putting on hold diplomatic talks with Somalia. This was revealed by the minister of foreign affairs Mr.Issa Kayd. The minister confirmed that all engagements with Somalia have not borne fruit hence Somaliland has decided to follow other avenues towards her international recognition ambition.

He was speaking to Somali broadcast of VOA radio. The minister also removed the lid on recent meeting between president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi and his Ethiopian counterpart Abiy Ahmed. He said that Ethiopia is interested in strengthening its bilateral relation with Somaliland.

“Our visit to Ethiopia came following an official invitation by the prime minister office. The president and Mr.Abiy Ahmed discussed about the interest of both nations. There talk touch on economic development , security and the use of Berbera Port. They also discussed the balance of trade surplus which at moment favours Ethiopia.”


The minister also confirmed that the recent utterances by British minister of Africa affairs Mrs. Vicky Ford does not portray the long standing friendship of Somaliland and Britain.

The British minister had underscored the recent debate in the British Parliament. He went on to say that Mrs.Vicky Ford was naive about the cordial relation that Somaliland and Britain enjoy. He stated that the British minister lacked expertise in foreign affairs and international relations experience.

The foreign minister said that the British government has bilateral relation with Somaliland. He added that a British company PIE has invested more than 320 million dollars into the Port of Berbera.

In another development the minister confirmed that the government of Somaliland has completely withdrawn any further engagement with Somalia. He stated that Somaliland stayed talks with Somalia in 2012 but the Somalia government has remained adamant to bring any tangible development to the table. Minister Issa Kayd added that Somaliland will chart her on route to international recognition and will never again play second fiddle to Somalia.

By:Guled Abdi Mahir


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