Somaliland: GAMUUR Factory actively participates in Local Products Exhibition in Hargeisa



HARGEISA–Gamur Factory the sole manufacturer of boats in Somaliland showcased various products in the local industries fair in Hargeisa on last Wednesday.

Ahmed Dahir Gamur, one of the officials of the factory, speaking on Wednesday said that the industry produces wide range of equipment including fishing, boats and much needed water tanks.

He urged the president to draft the industries bill so that the new factories do not steal the ideas from the established one and commanded the coming factories to seek opportunities and invest the production of new stuffs for the local consumption in Somaliland.

“You have to think of market need but you start doing what every one else is already doing and you incur loses. The government must not undermine investment in the country. They have to encourage investment. You could have set up a factory in Ethiopia or Djibouti and become more profitable but you prefer our country which we love it.

Finally, Mr. Gamur reminded the people of Somaliland to take advantage of reduced prices of stuffs that are being sold at the local industries exhibition.

Gamur Factory plays a huge role in the progress of the state and provides jobs to the local community.


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